Friday, September 30, 2011

In Which I Become Totally Suburban

 The boys started soccer last week, and it is pretty hilarious. 

 Jack having a casually athletic moment.
See that yellow flag Jack is holding?  They played a game where some of the kids had those flags tucked into their shorts as "tails" and the rest of the kids had to chase them around the field and yank their tails out.  The tricky part was that the kids with tails had to run while dribbling a soccer ball, the goal being to get the kids to dribble really fast.  It was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long, long time.  Jack got his tail yanked out pretty quickly by a girl who, failing to catch him from behind, ran directly in front of him so he had to stop or run her over, and once he'd stopped she reached around from the front like she was hugging him and swiped his tail.  Strategy. 

When it was Matteas' turn to chase, he grabbed his coach's tail and then stopped running to do a victory dance while the rest of the game continued without him.  Team participation is a skill which largely eluded most of the kids on the field, but they all seemed pretty thrilled to be there even though actual soccer doesn't seem to be much of a focal point for the kids.  They're all, "Other kids!  Open space!  Running!  An adult is paying attention to us!  We don't really care what happens next!"

Meanwhile, I was standing on the sidelines in my anthropologie shirt and pearl earrings when Aaron came over with a latte for me.  I didn't even make that last part up. 

Other stuff that's happened: I've made two wedding cakes which have not yet appeared here but I'll get to them eventually; we are homeschooling with great success and learning life lessons during math; our chickens are molting and therefore not laying eggs.  Life is pretty exciting in a domestic kind of way.